True Spirituality Series Part 2

ROMANS 8:1-17

INTRO: In our study on TRUE SPIRITUALITY we have noted that SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING God views the world as being made up of three categories of people: THE NATURAL (UNSAVED); THE CARNAL (IMMATURE CHRISTIANS); THE SPIRITUAL (MATURE CHRISTIANS). Without a doubt the category He is pleased with is the SPIRITUAL. Those who are SPIRITUAL maintain a VERY HIGH LEVEL of SPIRITUALITY and are great servants of God, being used by Him daily AS His representatives on Earth. By the way, UNDER WHICH CATEGORY DO YOU FALL? In our study we have defined SPIRITUALITY AS A GROWN-UP RELATIONSHIP WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT RESULTING IN MATURE CHRISTIAN LIVING. When a Christian is in that category, there will be CERTAIN EVIDENCES that will automatically be produced by the HOLY SPIRIT in their lives. Today we shall look at some of those EVIDENCES.
NOTE: There are many more evidences of SPIRITUALITY than what we could discuss in this sermon but what we examine today will give us an idea of what TRUE SPIRITUALITY looks like in our lives.

Sermon preached 2/23/20 AM by Pastor Gary G. Dull

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