To Know and Make Known the Truths of the Word of God.

    Our purpose is to know and make known the truths of the Word of God in our ministry. Therefore we desire to reach individuals and families from every age, economic status, race, and ability with the precious Word of God. The strong Bible-centered ministry teaches our people to love, appreciate, and practice their faith by God's grace. Because of the effectual power of the Word of God upon the lives of those who believe it, the people of Faith Baptist Church not only experience the love of God, but also desire to share it with others in prayer, fellowship, worship, and service.

    Faith Baptist Church believes that the Bible is God's Holy Word and is fully sufficient for all of today's many problems. We are committed to proclaiming this truth in order that people may come to know Christ, grow in their relationship with Christ, and glorify God in daily living.

    We desire to serve people of all ages and backgrounds through such opportunities as Worship Services.