JOHN 1:19-34


INTRO: During the Christmas Season a lot takes place as we "supposedly" celebrate the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. There are parties at work, programs at church, parades in towns, and presents exchanged among friends...just to name a few things that occur. But all too often we miss out on a great opportunity to focus on Christ and particularly the DOCTRINE OF CHRIST, known as CHRISTOLOGY. Truly as we look forward to "CHRIST-MAS" we should endeavor to FOCUS ON CHRIST so as to exalt and worship Him more effectively. Last week we studied John 1:1-18 and observed A GLORIOUS PRESENTATION OF CHRIST when we highlighted 14 great components of our Lord and His ministry. Today we shall continue our walk through The Gospel of John chapter one in order to learn MORE about our wonderful Savior as found in the words of verse 19 where John the Baptist says, "BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD WHICH TAKETH AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD." This is a VERY SIGNIFICANT STATEMENT made by John the Baptist that we cannot afford to neglect. So let's take a close look at it this morning.


Sermon preached on 12/3/17 AM by Pastor Gary G. Dull

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