"Will Judgment Day Occur on May 21st, 2011?"

JESUS IS COMING AGAIN!  WHEN?  WE DO NOT KNOW!   From the time that I was small, I can remember preachers setting the date of the second coming of Christ.  The first time was in about 1964 when an evangelist set the date for 1967.  Prior to that time, and since that time, many predictions have been given concerning the date of the second coming of Christ, but HE HAS NOT YET COME!  THAT DOES NOT MEAN JESUS WILL NOT RETURN, BECAUSE HE HAS PROMISED THAT HE WILL, BUT IT WILL BE ACCORDING TO HIS OWN TIME.  (NOTE 2 PETER 3:4-12). Recently, Mr. Harold Camping of Family Radio in Oakland, California has been predicting the RETURN OF CHRIST AND JUDGMENT DAY FOR MAY 21ST, 2011.  This is the second time he has predicted a date.  He was wrong the first time, and he is wrong this time as well.  HOW DO WE KNOW?  Let’s examine the matter from our authority, THE BIBLE!

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