APRIL 21, 2011




    NISAN 13, 30 AD



    As the morning of Thursday, Nisan 13, 30 AD broke, Jesus had a full day of activities.  In fact the scripture records at least 12 events Jesus participated in that day beginning with the PREPARATION FOR THE PASSOVER as recorded in Matthew 26: 17-19 and ending with His BETRAYAL and the HEALING OF MALCHUS’ EAR as recorded in Luke 22:50-51.  What a day it was!


    Towards the evening of that day, Jesus met with His disciples for what is called “THE LAST SUPPER.”  The details of the supper are recorded in John 13 where Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, showing His great humility.  After that precious event, Judas went out to betray Christ, and Jesus and His disciples went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and it was there Jesus was betrayed.


    During “THE LAST SUPPER” Jesus instituted “THE LORD’S SUPPER,” that you and I are to partake of until Jesus returns.  The account of this is found in Matthew 26:26-30 and Mark 14:22-26.  In presenting the “LORD’S SUPPER,” Jesus reminded His disciples that the bread stood for His body which was going to bear the sins of the world and that the cup represented His blood which was going to be shed for the remission of sins.  I am certain that was a precious time of fellowship with Jesus and those who loved Him.  Jesus explained that He would not physically partake of communion with the disciples again until the “Father’s kingdom” is brought into fruition, and thus I can imagine it was quiet an emotional event.


    The “LORD’S SUPPER” is one of the two ordinances of the church Jesus instituted, the other being baptism.  The “LORD’S SUPPER” is a command and an expectation of the Lord for us to observe, and when we do, we go into a special time of fellowship with Him like no other time according to 1 Corinthians 10:16-21 where the sanctity of the ordinance is explained.  It is a time of precious fellowship with Christ who is present spiritually in a unique way as we observe the elements.


    Is the “LORD’S SUPPER” precious to you?  Oh, I trust that it is because it enables us to focus on Christ and His past, present and future work on our behalf.  “THE LORD’S SUPPER” is something we should run to, not only to obey Christ (which is extremely important), but also to experience the sweet fellowship with Him.  Jesus wants us to fellowship with Him.  Jesus wants us to partake of “HIS SUPPER.”  Jesus is honored when we take the time to partake of “COMMUNION.”


    This evening at 7:00, during one of our special Easter services, we will be honoring the Lord Jesus by partaking of the supper He established.  We do this particularly TONIGHT to commemorate what Christ did with His disciples on Thursday night just hours before the crucifixion.  As we look forward to the cross and what Jesus did for us on that cross, partaking of the elements of communion this evening will be a great spiritual exercise that will glorify the Lord and bring blessing to us.  I can think of no other way to honor the Lord during the Easter season than to fellowship around His table.  In preparation for tonight’s service, I would encourage you to take some time today and read through the account of Christ’s crucifixion and all that He suffered for you.  Remember IT WAS FOR YOU HE DIED ON THE CROSS! 


    Last evening, Brother Due Whitfield presented a tremendous message on THE CROSS!  It was the best message I have ever heard on the subject.  Tonight Pastor Barry will be speaking on THE BLOOD OF CHRIST.  I am certain it will be a blessing as well.  I encourage you to come to the service this evening and join in on worshipping and exalting our Lord as He surely deserves.


    Also, please remember that tomorrow afternoon from 12:00 noon to 3:00 PM we will be meeting at the church for our GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE as we focus on the EVENTS SURROUNDING THE CROSS OF CHRIST!  As 6 other churches join us in this time of worship, I am sure Christ will be honored and those who attend will be strengthened in their walk with the Lord.


    More than ever, keep Christ in your focus today, then come on out this evening and worship Him along with others of life precious faith.


    Have a godly day and Keep Looking UP!


    Pastor Gary