APRIL 19, 2011




    NISAN 11, 30 AD



    According to the written record of the Word of God, Jesus was very busy on Tuesday, Nisan 11, 30 AD as He approached the cross.  As per my count, He was involved in at least ten major events on that day.  And, I am sure that as He encountered each one of them the thought of the cross was looming in His mind.


    One of the things the Lord Jesus faced was that His authority was challenged according to Matthew 21:23-27, Mark 11:27-33, and Luke 20:1-8.  As you recall in the previous two days He had entered Jerusalem triumphantly, cleansed the Temple, and cursed the barren fig tree.  During all of that time the chief priests, scribes and elders were watching Him with a penetrating eye.  I personally believe they knew who He was and may have understood what He was doing because they knew the Old Testament scriptures, but due to pride and the fact that they wanted a political Messiah and not a spiritual one, they led Israel to reject Christ.


    In the passages mentioned above, the Jewish leaders questioned His authority because they wanted to make Him look bad before the whole nation.  Jesus did not answer them directly, but instead silenced them with His own question.  In fact He said, “I will also ask of you one question, and answer me, and I will tell you by what authority I do these things.  The baptism of John, was it from heaven, or of men?  Answer me.”


    Well, they did not answer Him because they felt that He would use their answer to shame them before the people.  After considering the question they simply said, “We cannot tell.”  Therefore Jesus did not answer their question.  He was so wise!


    The fact is, Jesus operated under the authority of His Father in Heaven.  He came into the world to do the will of the Father and everything He did was to obey, honor and glorify the Father.


    There is a tremendous lesson in that account for each of us to learn.  It is this.  Jesus always operated under the authority of the Father, and therefore when we obey His words as related in the scripture, we are honoring both Him and the Father.


    When Jesus speaks to us through the Bible, we are not to argue or question the command.  We are simply to obey it, and by doing so, we testify that we are truly born again and are walking with the Lord in light of His word.  Also, when we obey the Lord, we are showing Him that we appreciate everything He has done for us through His love and grace on the cross.  Through obeying His authority, we will also be blessed by Him here on earth and rewarded by Him in Heaven.


    So, on this week when we are focused on the work of Christ on the cross, let us make a commitment to obey His word without any hesitation, excuse or reason.  Certainly God will be pleased and His blessings upon us will be sweet and abundant.


    Think about it!


    The Lord willing, tomorrow I will be sharing with you something Jesus did on Wednesday of the week of His passion.  I will be looking forward to that and trust you will be as well.


    Please remember to pray for our special Easter services at the church tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.  Each of these will be live streamed, so if you know friends who cannot come out to church, please encourage them to join us at www.fbcaltoona.com. 


    Thank you, God bless you, and Keep Looking UP!


    Pastor Gary