The Mission Statement of the Faith Baptist Church

    Altoona, Pennsylvania


    We seek to bring glory to God in worship, fellowship, and discipleship.  At the same time, we earnestly believe that the heart-felt needs of people can and will be satisfied as these spiritual objectives are met.


    In order to fulfill our mission as a local church, we must faithfully pursue the following goals based upon our relationship with God, others in the Body of Christ, and a world separated from Him by sin:


    A.  AN UPWARD LOOK (worship), in which we fix our attention upon our God with all of His marvelous attributes and benevolent deeds.  Our upward look involves the giving of praise and thanks to Him, the strengthening of our commitment to Him, the stimulation of further trust in Him and the spiritual enjoyment of Him.


    B.  AN INWARD LOOK (fellowship), in which we fix our attention upon each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Our inward look involves loving concern and care for one another, the cultivation of spiritual friendships, mutual prayer support, edification, exhortation, and discipline, equipping each other for service, and participation in ministry.


    C.   AN OUTWARD LOOK (discipleship), in which we fix our attention upon those who are not yet disciples of Jesus Christ.  Our outward look involves the establishment of rapport with our community and the world, the development and use of effective evangelism strategies, the training of our own to carry out those strategies, and the activation of the church to maintain a consistent evangelistic thrust individually and corporately in this community and throughout the world by means of our missions and church planting ministries.


    Because a correct and growing understanding of clear biblical instruction is foundational to each of these concerns, it will be the priority of our church to know and to make known the truths of the Word of God.


    Moreover, our basic purpose in appointing staff members, electing officers and selecting committees for our church is to accommodate and complement the above mission and goals.