• Infant Nursery:

    Directed by Sarah O'Dea

    The Infant Nursery provides care for newborns to children age 2.


    2’s & 3’s Sunday School

    Taught by Danielle Jagel

    The 2’s & 3’s Sunday School class learn about God, God's Son, God's Word, and God's World.

    They sing Bible songs, learn a memory verse and learn how to share and be kind.



    Taught by Melanie Dull

    The Preschool class, ages 4 through Kindergarten, learn fundamental Bible truths with an emphasis on God's love and care. This class is followed by “Reach for Jesus,” a brief activity and snack time and then continues on through Jr. Church time.  



    Taught by Stephanie Thompson

    The Primary class encourages children, grades 1-3,  to obey Biblical truths and to love and follow the Savior.



    Taught by Josh Daugherty

    The Junior Class, grades 4 - 6, conducts a complete Bible survey in the course of three years. 


    Youth Bible Class:

    Taught by Pastor Chaz Dull

    The Jr. & Sr. High classes have been combined for the Sunday School hour and are currently learning how to study the bible using various Bible study tools such as a Concordance and Bible Dictionary.  These study techniques are being taught through an excercise that enables the youth to critique different Christian music lyrics according to what the Bible says.


    Adult Bible Class:

    Taught by Jim Robertson & Chris Davis

    The Adult Bible Class will focus on the book of Genesis - the foundational book of the Bible.The subject of creation will be taught from a 6 literal-day perspective and the entire book from a literal viewpoint.  If you want to learn, that a literal reading of Genesis can be substantiated, plan to attend weekly so as not to miss any of this important material.  This class meets in the annex of the Sanctuary.


    Men's Bible Class:

    Taught by Mike Dull   

    The Men's Bible Class will be a Bible study for men that will help provide stability and leadership in your

    home, church and life through a deeper understanding of God's perspective on the Biblical role of a man.

    This class meets in room B 21 downstairs.


    Women's Bible Class:

    Taught by Val Span & Diane Vellner

    Our Ladies Bible class is a place where women of all ages and stages of life can gather together,

    open the word of God, study it deeply and apply it to our own lives.


    Most importantly, we seek to know God and His Word and encourage one another in our daily walk with Christ.  

    All ladies are invited to attend.


    This class meets downstairs in B-23 - 24.