ACTS 12:1-19

INTRO: It is said that there is more PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS now than at any other time in the history of the Church. CHRISTIANITY TODAY MAGAZINE reports the following:
● Every Day 8 Christians are killed around the world for their faith.
● Every week 182 Churches or Christian buildings are attacked around the world.
● 260 million Christians have suffered HIGH TO SEVERE LEVELS of persecution around the world this year...up from 245 million last year.
THE TOP TEN NATIONS IN WHICH IT IS THE HARDEST TO FOLLOW JESUS: 1) North Korea, 2) Afghanistan, 3) Somalia, 4) Libya, 5) Pakistan, 6) Eritrea, 7) Sudan, 8) Yemen, 9) Iran, 10) India
THE TOP TEN NATIONS IN WHICH CHRISTIANS FACE THE MOST VIOLENCE: 1) Pakistan, 2) Nigeria, 3) Egypt, 4) Central African Republic, 5) Burkina Faso, 6) Colombia, 7) Cameroon, 8) India, 9) Mali, 10) Sri Lanka.
THE TOP TEN NATIONS WHERE THE MOST CHURCHES WERE ATTACKED OR CLOSED: 1) China, 2) Angola, 3) Rwanda, 4) Myanmar, 5) Nigeria, 6) Ethiopia, 7) Burundi, 8) Mali, 9) Pakistan, 10) Burkina Faso

Sermon preached 11/1/20 AM by Pastor Gary G. Dull

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