JOSHUA 3:1-17

INTRO: Here we are at the THRESHOLD of another NEW YEAR! As we look back over 2017 we can see the many ways God has been good to us and blessed us beyond what we deserve. INDEED HE DESERVES ALL THE PRAISE WE CAN GIVE TO HIM! SO LET'S DO IT! 2018 is about to meet us head on and we have NO IDEA WHAT IT IS GOING TO GIVE US WIHTIN THE NEXT 365 DAYS! The Lord could come. Some of us will die. We all will face trials. We all will have disappointments. We all will experience blessings. BUT WHAT WE KNOW FOR SURE IS THAT WE DO NOT KNOW ALL THAT THE NEW YEAR WILL BRING US. Certainly the words of Joshua 3:4 in our text truly apply as we face the New Year, "YE HAVE NOT PASSED THIS WAY HERETOFORE." ONE THING WE DO KNOW is that God will be with us to give us all the strength, wisdom and energy we need to do His will. But in the process of our FORWARD BOUND MOTION INTO THE NEW YEAR there are certain realities we should keep before us if we desire to have a YEAR OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND VICTORY FOR THE LORD. Joshua 3:1-17 presents FOUR OF THOSE REALITIES FOR US TO CONSIDER. Let's consider them.


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