JOHN 3:16-21

INTRO: On several occasions throughout my ministry, I have sat with someone who, because of a committed crime, was sentenced to a jail term. In my opinion this is one of the MOST SOLEMN EVENTS to experience. And yet, for the most part, these sentences relate to this life and generally just a portion of time in this life unless it is a “LIFE SENTENCE” and often even that is reduced in a certain number of years. BUT ALL OF HUMANITY IS UNDER THE SENTENCE OF CONDEMNATION TO ETERNAL SEPARATION IN THE LAKE OF FIRE DUE TO PERSONAL SIN THAT IS MUCH MORE SOLEMN AND SERIOUS THAN ANY SENTENCE A HUMAN COURT OR JUDGE CAN EVER GIVE. This is a sentence that NO ONE WILL ESCAPE apart from trusting Christ as personal Savior. Let's talk about this SENTENCE OF CONDEMNATION that every one born on earth is under and cannot escape apart from receiving Christ as personal Savior.


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