JOSHUA 1:1-9

INTRO: As Christians we have the strength, the power, the wisdom, the insight and the ability to do all God wants us to do. And yet many times we falter, fail and fall in doing the will of God, whether it is in our ministry or our personal lives. WHY IS THIS THE CASE? Well, it certainly is not God's fault, is it? NO! THEN IT MUST BE A WEAKNESS IN OUR LIVES. Would you agree? In the text before us, God was giving Joshua the great task of LEADING ISRAEL INTO THE PROMISED LAND. This task was NOT going to be without trial or trouble. God knew that and Joshua knew that! Therefore GOD GAVE JOSHUA A MANDATE TO FOLLOW THAT WOULD ENABLE HIM TO FULFILL WHAT SEEMED TO BE AN INSURMOUNTABLE TASK TO JOSHUA. That mandate given to Joshua by God is the same mandate you and I have before us as we go throughout life. WHAT IS THAT MANDATE? OBSERVE VERSE 9.

Sermon preached on 9/18/16 AM by Pastor Gary G. Dull

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