"Back To The Bible"

“BACK TO THE BIBLE: READ, STUDY, AND OBEY.”  WHAT A THEME!  PSALM 119:11 – “THY WORD HAVE I HID IN MINE HEART, THAT I MIGHT NOT SIN AGAINST THEE.”  WHAT A TEXT!  In my opinion the combination of this theme and this text for this convention is  TIMELY, PRACTICAL AND VERY MUCH NEEDED!  Psalm 119:11 is a verse I learned as a child in Sunday School over 50 years ago at the Indian Creek Baptist Church in Mill Run and HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN IT!  Perhaps many of you could share a similar story. And yet, there are many children and young people in PA who do not even know that verse exists.  As we consider this theme and this text this evening let’s commit ourselves to the truth both convey without hesitation or compromise. In doing so we will not only benefit our lives for the glory of God, but also be a spiritual blessing to others in our communities, our churches and our Sunday Schools.

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