"What is Truth and Can How Can It Be Known?"

What is truth?  That is a question that goes back to the very beginning of the time of mankind on the face of the earth.  It is also a question that was asked by Pilate in the face of the Lord Jesus on the night of His betrayal in Jerusalem as recorded in John 18:37.  It is a question that billions of people are asking today as they seek for answers in the journey of life, and unfortunately many people are not finding the answer.  Because the great multitude of people cannot answer the question of “what is truth,” there are those who doubt or deny if truth can even be known.  What is truth and how can it be known?  All one really needs to do in order to come up with the proper answer to that question is to study the Bible, the Word of God.  The Bible is truth and is filled with examples of how truth is to be applied to everyone’s life.

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