One condition that has been around for many centuries is the PERSECUTION OF GOD’S PEOPLE. We read about it in the Bible. We read about it in history books. We even read about it in newspapers and see it on television these days. But yet, we often seem to PUSH IT ASIDE and say, “YES, I KNOW PERSECUTION IS A FACTOR, BUT IT WILL NEVER EFFECT ME.” Oh, we all may wish that to be true, but the fact is we all may really face persecution in the future. In July of 2013 I attended a pastors conference in California where we were told that “IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THE MAJORITY OF YOU PASTORS WHO ARE HERE WILL SPEND SOME TIME IN GOVERNMENTAL HOUSING ONE OF THESE DAYS.” 
Sermon Preached on 8/24/14 PM Part#1, 8/31/14 PM Part#2, 9/7/14 PM Part#3, 9/14/14 PM Part#4, 9/28/14 PM Part#5  by Pastor Gary G. Dull 
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