Mothers Day is a very blessed day on the calendar when we focus on honoring some of the most precious people in the world…OUR MOTHERS. It is safe to say that MOTHERS HAVE HAD MORE POSITIVE INFLUENCE ON THEIR CHILDREN THAN ANY OTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Teachers can educate children academically. Pastors can encourage children spiritually. Doctors can help children physically. Policemen can protect children personally. Relatives can love children greatly. But the ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO ALL OF THOSE THINGS TOGETHER IS A MOTHER! Since the days of Adam and Eve God’s plan for motherhood has been for EVERY MOTHER TO GIVE THEIR CHILDREN A SPIRITUAL EXAMPLE TO FOLLOW. BUT WHAT EXAMPLE CAN MOTHERS FOLLOW SO AS TO LIVE A LIFE OF GODLINESS? The answer to that question is relatively easy. The BEST PERSON TO A MOTHER TO PATTERN HER LIFE AFTER IS MARY, THE MOTHER OF CHRIST
Sermon Preached on Mother's Day 5/11/14 AM by Pastor Gary G. Dull 
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