For centuries the Nation of Israel had been used to using LAMBS as a part of their God-Designed sacrificial system that atoned for their sin. Those LAMBS, even though they were without spot or blemish as an animal, were very inadequate to totally take away the sins of the people. In fact, those sacrifices ONLY covered the sins of the people while looking forward to the coming of the PROMISED MESSIAH who would offer the ultimate sacrifice that would completely remove the sin of those who believed. As we come into the text before us we see the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE TRUE LAMB OF GOD, JESUS CHRIST, WHO WAS SENT INTO THE WORLD TO PROVIDE THAT ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. That official announcement was made by the FORERUNNER OF CHRIST, JOHN THE BAPTIST. Let’s take a look at how the scene developed.
Sermon Preached on Good Friday 4/18/14 by Pastor Gary G. Dull
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