There is no doubt that the best thing a person can do is to TRUST JESUS CHRIST AS SAVIOR and become a Christian. The benefits and blessings of being a Christian are far beyond our ability to count, even if we had all eternity to do so. Some of the things we experience as Christians we never study, think of or hardly ever thing about. Other things we experience we may think of from time to time but do not put forth much effort to understand some of those things. One of the things most Christians have LITTLE UNDERSTANDING OF is the CALL OF THE CHRISTIAN. For instance, WHAT IS THE CALL OF THE CHRISTIAN? Or, WHAT IS THE CHRISTIAN CALLING? Is there any difference between the two? Perhaps many have never really thought that through too much. So, today as we continue in 1 Corinthians we shall focus on verse 9b or chapter 1 where the Word of God speaks of the CALL OF THE CHRISTIAN.
Sermon Preached 3/23/14 by Pastor Gary G. Dull 
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